Well once again I find myself looking at the end of the summer here in New England, in fact the summer ended a few weeks back when school started again for you.  I can hardly believe you are 14 and in the 8th grade!  Time, on SO many levels goes so very fast, I guess the challenge most of us wrestle with is how to manage time and make the most of the time that we have been given.  My pastor spoke this morning about just this very topic and how we need to prioritize our time from a biblical perspective and I guess his message clearly is influencing my thinking, as it should.  Craig, I want to let you know that NOT one single day has passed or passes without my thinking of you and missing you.  I am not sure if you know it or not but I am regularly in touch with your teachers at Lanier Middle School and I receive progress reports on how you are doing with your studies.  I am SO very proud of you – last year you aced ALL of your classes and this year you are off to the races again with excellent grades on your tests and quizzes and your progress reports reflect your hard work.  I am very proud of you and one day I hope to be able to tell you this in person.  Craig, life is short, although, I know when I was your age each day seemed to last forever, so much of who you will become as a man and a person is being forged now in the foundation of academics, focus, work hard and listen to your teachers.  I like to tell the younger accountants that work with me to be a “sponge” and absorb literally everything they are exposed to and asked to assist with – this is the same advice I want to give you.  The last time you and I spoke I heard you were playing some sports – Basketball.  I wonder if you are still playing and if you are enjoying it.  I am wondering about the friends that you have and what you and your buddies do for fun?  I have so many questions about who you are becoming as a teenager.  I love you very much Craig and I hope and pray that one day, soon, WE will get a chance to talk live and catch up properly.  For now……..study hard Craig and be smart about your decisions, each and every decision we make has consequences in our life.