Happy 16th Birthday Craig

HI Craig, Today, June 22nd 2019 you turned 16 years old.  I called you but I understand from your Mom that you do not want to talk and I want you to know I understand and I will wait and continue to pray for that day when we can talk, and with God’s grace and mercy meet.

I love you Son, I think of you every day and you are always in my thoughts and prayers.  I spoke with all of your teachers at the conclusion of this past school year and I saw your grades – WOW, I am so proud of you.  You are rapidly becoming a young man and a smart one at that.  I recently visited a place I have not seen since I was about your age and as I took in the beauty of the surroundings, one pic of which I have attached to this post, I was reminded, rather dramatically, how fast times goes by.  I guess the passing of time and the importance of time and healing are more pronounced as you get older.  I miss you Craig and I want you to know I love you and have NEVER stopped loving you.  One day I hope to have the chance to talk with you about “things” and share with you some of the lessons life has taught me and for you to share with me all about you, I want to know everything about you, no detail to small, no hurt to big….I have missed so much and while I can not make up for the time we have lost I hope soon we will get to talk and take advantage of the time we still have, in the mean time as the song says ” I will Wait”….and pray.




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