Welcome to YOUR Website Craig - Initial Blog Post

Welcome to YOUR Website Craig - Initial Blog Post

I hope that one day soon you are going to get the chance to see your site and explore it and see and read all that is and will be written about and for YOU.  The reason that I have created this website for you is to have a way in which I can share with you my thoughts and communicate to you just how much I love and miss you.  It has been and continues to be one of my biggest regrets and fears that I am literally missing all of your formative years as you grow from a toddler into a teenager and soon a young man.  A few months back now, I had lunch with a friend of mine that I had the pleasure to meet since moving back to Rhode Island.  During lunch he shared with me the idea of creating a website just for you.  I will be forever grateful for his suggestion and assistance in building your website.  While your website is not and was never envisioned to be “fancy” it will, I hope and pray, be an effective way for me to convey to you just how much I think of you and miss you. 

I felt it was appropriate to dedicate this first blog post on your website to your birth and where “our” story begins.  When you were first born in June of 2003 I had the idea to create a video to document your birth, capture some of images of your first few months and convey in a “cool” way some of the pure excitement that both your Mom and I felt with your arrival into our lives.  While I am sure that you are not familiar with the song that I chose to serve as the backdrop to the images, it is one that I chose because of the raw emotion of the song, and it happens to be from an era that produced some of my favorite music, more to follow on that front.  When I first moved back to Rhode Island in March of 2013, I came with none of the items that I wanted to remind me of you, I really came with just a small pocket Bible and the very basics.  That Bible has and continues to be a rock that I lean on heavily to guide me in my life and I hope and pray that if it is not already, it will one day be that very same “rock” that you lean on.  But I digress, so you must now be asking how did this video make it to your website in August of 2017, when your website launched, if I did not have a copy of it?  Well the answer is that your grandparents had a copy of it and when I told them I wanted to build you a website they did some sleuthing around and discovered they had a copy of this video.  I am not one for blindly believing in coincidence so I have chosen to believe that this video, this website, the timing of it all is God’s way of blessing this endeavor and in time will use it for healing, HIS Glory, and YOUR Joy Craig.  There is SO  much that I want to tell you and share with you, and in time I will and this website of yours will be the vehicle for me to share these thoughts with you, even if you cannot, as of yet, see what I am saying.  More to come so stay tuned…….and enjoy the video and by the way you have a killer grin at 1:56…………






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